Hoot - ATV

The Hoot is an amphibious ATV designed to maneuver in both dry and wet environments. The lightweight fiberglass frame and body shields riders from mud, water, and debris. Its compact size and skid steering allows the Hoot to easily navigate steep and rough terrain.

Hoot ATV

The Hoot is a perfect choice for recreational riding such as exploring wooded trails and hunting. The Hoot ATV also excels as a workhorse. With the addition of a trailer hitch and winch, the Hoot can tackle any job big or small.

Turning radius: 86.5 inches
Engine: 23 HP Briggs V-Twin
Weight: Under 600lb
Ground Clearance: 8 inches
Width: 49 inches
Length: 86.8 inches
Wheelbase: 50 inches
Top Speed Land: 27 mph
Top Speed Water: 5 mph

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