VX and Northrop Grumman: Communication between the Dash X and an EA-18G Growler

Febuary 2019 - “The concept is part of a project the U.S. Navy is working on with Northrop Grumman known as Remedy.

As part of the program, a small Class II Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - developed by North Carolina-based VX Aerospace – would be packed into a cluster munition canister that would then eject from a “mothership” and fly a programmed route ahead of stand-off jammers and strike aircraft.

The small drones - outfitted with various payloads including electronic support measures (ESM) or electronic attack jammers - would integrate a datalink to send information back to manned aircraft for either immediate tactical use or intelligence planning for later missions. The small UAVs, which are difficult to detect, owing to their size and slow speed, would get “up close and personal” to radar systems allowing them to perform novel jamming techniques, and even infiltrate command networks to perform cyberattacks.”

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