Industrial Transportation

VX Aerospace started as a composite aircraft manufacturer and evolved into manufacturing composite parts for commercial and defense aerospace applications. We also work with transportation and industrial clients to produce quality composites for tractor trailer cabs, sleepers, and trailers. Over the course of the past 12 years we’ve successfully completed a broad spectrum of transportation composites. From manufacturing Duke Universities Guinness World Record holding efficiency vehicle to composite hoods for Volvo, we’re proficient in both high rate production and experimental production for the transportation industries.

Duke University and VX Aerospace pair to Set a Guinness World Record for Vehicle Efficiency

Racing on Solar Energy with Appalachian State’s Team Sunergy and VX Aerospace

Students from Appalachian State’s Team Sunergy work alongside VX Aerospace employees to fabricate and assemble ROSE, a solar energy vehicle.

Team Sunergy collaborates with VX Aerospace Department heads to fabricate their award-winning vehicle.

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