Dash X

Dash X Inc. is responsible for the design, testing and manufacturing of the Dash X Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Originally developed and tested in 2017, it is currently in a Phase II design iteration in preparation for Phase III stores and separation testing. A Class II Novel Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the Dash X touts folding wings which make it easily conform to the dimensions of a 16-inch diameter modified cluster bomb canister, or Tactical Munitions Dispenser (TMD).

With extendable/retractable wings that have a full wingspan of 12 feet and a top speed of approximately 85 knots, the Dash X can fly for up to 5 hours. Because the Dash X can so easily fly on the wing of a tactical aircraft, it can easily be carried beyond the range of a similarly sized UAV before air deployment from the TMD.

Electronic Warfare Programs, most notably featuring the U.S Navy’s EA-18G Growler, may soon have the added advantage of releasing, and engaging one or more Dash X UAVs while in air. Potentially giving the U.S. Navy a leading edge in scouting for radar or jamming enemy sensor networking processes.

Between the Dash X’s conservative size, low cruising speed and ability to be ejected at any location from a manned aerial vehicle, its easily able to preform missions previously thought impossible, and without detection. This makes for a very effective man-unmanned team for endless applications and mission assignments.

After pairing with North Carolina State University and South Carolina State University to produce the prototype, Dash-X, Inc. moved forward with Northrop Grumman to receive funding from The Office of Naval Research.

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